YUqiao Zeng

Address: 4500 Centre Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Email: yuqiaoz@andrew.cmu.edu

Email: gandalfzyq@gmail.com


Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Expected May 2019

Master of Entertainment Technology.

Fudan University

Shanghai, China, Jul 2015

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering.



Software Engineer Intern

Sunnyvale, CA, Aug 2018 – Dec 2018

Worked on code generation related to Alexa devices which is now used by thousands of Alexa devices.

Gained a lot of experience of code generation and protobuf.

Uber atg

Software Engineer Intern

Pittsburgh, PA, May 2018 – Aug 2018

Designed and implemented an offline serverside rendering program for the visualization of Uberself-driving testing scenarios using Node.js and WebGL.

Gained a lot of experience of JS, ThreeJS and AWS services.

Mofu Technology

Cofounder & Software Engineer

Shanghai, China, Aug 2016 – Aug 2017

Focused on the integration of online ticketing system and Alipay / WeChat Pay using Java.

Gained valuable experience of Alipay / WeChat Pay API integration, team management.

Mayday Works Technology Co., Ltd. 

Software Engineer & Game Designer

Shanghai, China, Aug 2014 – Aug 2016

Designed and implemented game play functions and character AIs for Star Legend (strategic game).

Designed and implemented skill systems for Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (MMORPG).

Both two games are available in App Store (available in Chinese market).

Gained experience of C#, Lua, Unity 3D, teamwork and leadership.


Software Engineer Intern

Hangzhou, China, Jul 2014 – Aug 2014

Worked in a group of five to develop a game demo, which included many stages of mimic warfare.

Involved in the design and implementation of the UI module and sound module.

Received a return offer for my excellent performance during internship.


Programming Languages: C++ (Proficient), Java (Proficient), C# (Intermediate), Python (Intermediate), Lua, SQL.

Related Courses: Computer Graphics, Linear Algebra, Introduction to Computer System, Algorithm.

Programming Tools: Perforce, GitHub, SVN, Visual Studio, Mono Develop, Xcode, Eclipse, MySQL.

Software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Final Cut Pro X, Photoshop.

Platform Experience: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Hololens, HTC VIVE, Oculus, Omni.

Languages: English (Fluent), Mandarin (Native).


Hand Gesture Control of Virtual Camera

Controlled the movement of virtual camera in a 3D scene using C# and leap motion.

Did researches about auto navigation and auto turning interpolation for 3D games.

Gained in-depth knowledge and experience of hand gesture control.

GPS Controlled Breakout Game on Android Platform

Participated in the development of a creative block breaker game with the object of the game being for the player to break as many blocks as they can.

Utilized GPS positioning to control the position of the paddle. Enhanced gaming experience by incorporating our body movement into the game play phase.

Optical Character Recognition Software

Developed a C# character recognition software to identify the contents in blurred and slightly damaged pictures.

Extracted the majority of letters and numbers from the blurred pictures with creative image processing technique.

Micro Blog

Developed a micro blog website with a database that supports texts, photos, videos, emails and following functions.

Enhanced my skills with database design, JSP and website structure design.

Smart Clock App

Came up with an innovative smart clock app that could generate alarms according to the curricula and contacts entered in the phone, and would notify the corresponding contact via a SMS as a reminder to wake up the user – if he or she failed to shut down the alarm.

Obtained second prize in iShamrock Software Competition of Fudan University & UCD.


Designed and implemented a real-time multiplayer indie tank battle game with Node.JS and C#.

Gained valuable experience of client-server model and multiplayer game development.

GPS Controlled Breakout Game on Android Platform

Utilized GPS positioning to control the position of the paddle.

Enhanced gaming experience by incorporating our body movement into the game play.


Coffee Shop Manager

2011 – 2012

Collaborated with my friends to start up a coffee shop in the neighborhood of my high school.

Enhanced my management and communication skills through marketing activities and business cooperation with local retailers.